Welcome to SUSTAINABLE REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT... San Diego’s Premier Property Management specialists! At Sustainable Real Estate Management, Efficiency of your Time, Money, and Rental Property is our TOP priority and distinct management approach! YOU deserve much "More" than just the "traditional management services" offered by most of our competitors today. That's why we're not just Residential Property Managers... We're also Energy and Water Efficiency Specialists!!!

Our Premier Property Management approach was developed in order to help Real Estate Investors like You Earn More and Spend Less, while Sustaining your Freedom and Peace of Mind!!! We specialize in improving the "Operational Efficiency" in all the rental properties we manage in order to eliminate wasteful spending and gain greater financial returns for our clients. For No Added Cost to You, we can help you attain a “Sustainable” Utility Efficient Property and stay ahead of the trends, in today’s competitive San Diego rental market. Our Value Added management process allows us to market your property with the right features that will "Stand Out" and attract a wider pool of prospective tenants to your rental property, thus providing us the opportunity to achieve greater financial returns for you in the end. We specialize and pay close attention to the "Efficiency" of your Investment so we can... Minimize your Operational Expenses and Maximize your Investment Income returns!

New Property Trends

Is your Property Manager making sure you stay "Ahead of the Curve" in this "here to stay" fast growing trend?
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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is much easier and more affordable to achieve than you believe. We help show you how to realize substantial Utility Savings and Operational Efficiency at home!
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Free up your time and sustain the quality of life you deserve. Our management services will help you Earn and Save More while you stress and spend less!
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