Property Trends


Remodeled kitchen and “Granite” counter tops.house_trend_up

That’s all great…

But, most EVERYONE has “Been There and Done That” already!

In today’s Competitive rental market:

  • – How can you stay Ahead and keep your rental property Distinguished     from all the rest?
  • – How can you Earn More and Spend Less on your rental property?
  • – How can you provide your Tenants with what they Really “Want and Need” today?


Simple Answer:  “Go Green”… It’s the “New” Granite!

What is a “Green” home?

Green homes typically focus on proper design of the home and incorporating energy efficient technology, products, appliances, and services in the home. Many “green” homes also focus on the use of products and materials that are labeled "green" and are known as being healthier for you and the environment.

At SRE Management our main focus when it comes to a “Green” home is... HOME EFFICIENCY!

  • • Inspecting and Improving home Energy efficiency
  • • Elimination of outdoor and indoor Water waste
  • • Reduction of overall Maintenance and Utility cost

In short, we focus on improving the "Efficiency" of your property. We help improve its marketability, appearance, property value, and promote a sustainable economic life that's positive. In addition our goal is to help provide maintenance and utility savings to both "owners" and "tenants"!

What kind of Benefits can Home Efficiency provide ME and my property?
Water and Energy Efficiency has been proven to save consumers hundreds if not thousands of dollars when it comes to their annual utility expenses. Studies have also shown that home energy efficiency can help appreciate the value of a property from up to 5-15% and is forecast by many experts to have a greater impact in the future! (see studies below) On a personal level, green improvements help homeowners and renters lower their utility bills. Energy conservation provides a hedge against inflation caused by rising fuel prices. As water and energy cost rise, green home improvements also increase the value and appeal of our homes.

What can SRE Management do to help “Improve the Efficiency” of my Rental property?

Thanks to the help from market leaders and Industry Insiders we are fortunate to work close to, SRE Management identified home efficiency as the next frontier and direction consumers will head in. We strongly believe, the next “Big Shift" in residential housing will bring a large focus on efficiency at home. In order to help our community and its consumers save money, reduce use, and eliminate utility waste.

It’s a topic that is being shown everywhere, and is forcibly becoming into people’s lives more and more each day. Thanks to our complimentary 'Home Energy Upgrade", we can enhance and advertise our client properties, as an energy efficient property providing consumers what they’re really looking for and need out of the next place they call home.

At SRE Management...We invest our very own capital and resources into our client properties, in order to get their property started and on the right road towards maximum home efficiency! We offer our clients greater value, satisfaction, and much much more than any other property manager will today!

In addition to handling all of your "traditional" property management and tenant services, we provide our clients "Much More" by helping them address the following 7 main culprits of energy and water waste found throughout a typical rental property today.

  • • Lighting
  • • Electrical
  • • Plumbing
  • • Heating and Cooling
  • • Outdoor Irrigation and landscaping
  • • Insulation
  • • Home Appliances
Why should "Home Efficiency" be Important to me?
Today, fuel and energy costs are at or close to all-time highs. While the cost of water consumption continues to rise year after year. Severe droughts, power plant closures, and dwinling supplies of both energy and water locally are driving utility cost through the roof! Unfortunately, the future isn't looking any brighter today. Water and Energy utility costs are forecast to continue there upward trend. Leaving consumers forced to realize all the unnecessary water, energy, and financial losses that are taking place in their homes. Local San Diegan’s are faced with rising utility expenses and a regional cost of living that is quickly getting out of control. California legislation will soon turn home energy efficiency into a “must have” vs. the current “nice to have” trend. In order to stay competitive with the market and consumer demand, everyone will eventually have to adopt energy efficiency into their lives, and bring it into their homes! The question really is..When will you begin to reduce waste and Save?
What are some of the Challenges facing Home Efficiency today?

Unfortunately, most homeowners and consumers today wrongly perceive Home Energy Efficiency to be too time consuming, confusing, and expensive, or they simply just don’t know how and where to begin. What keeps us ahead of our competition is our understanding and knowledge of just how easy and affordable home energy efficiency can really be! Staying Ahead of the Curve, we realized that energy efficiency would soon be a growing trend in housing and eventually grow to become necessary must.

Since then, we've spent countless time and money, researching and defining exactly:

  • • Where to begin?
  • • What should be addressed in the home first?
  • • Which improvements are most affordable and will maximize energy savings?
  • • What is worth your time and Investment?
  • • What is not worth your time and Investment?
  • • Which energy efficient products really work?
  • • How expensive or affordable home efficiency can really be?

We've done all the work, research, qualifying, quantifying, trials and tribulations for you, so you don't have to. Our goal is to enable you to focus on what it is you do best in life, and let us worry about all the home efficiency and property management rest!

Do I have to spend allot of Money in order to upgrade the Efficiency of my Investment Property?
Not at all!!! Our approach to home efficiency upgrades will show you how you can realize substantial energy, water, and maintenance savings, without having to spend a dollar of your money on new appliances, fixtures, or materials! With the right knowledge and in-depth understanding of home efficiency key points, we are able to focus our efforts on identifying, servicing, and optimizing the efficiency of the existing features, fixtures, materials, and appliances already found within your property today. Leasing new solar panels or purchasing a new tank-less water heater, may be a great way to save energy for some...But, its certainly Not the only way you can Save!!! SRE Management knows the way, to help you save, without having to spend a dime of your hard earned cash today!
What happens once Home Efficiency becomes known as the "standard" in residential housing?
Someday in the not so distant future, home energy efficiency will be known as "the standard" and viewed as the norm. When that day comes, staying true to our core values and always staying "ahead of the curve", SRE Management will be there to identify, research, understand, and adapt to whatever future trends and consumer demand may be. But as it currently stands today... Granite counter tops have become "The Norm"… Home Energy Efficiency is becoming the latest trend and a "must have" in order to provide affordable housing. Adopting this fast growing trend into your Investment property today, will keep you ahead of the curve, in today’s highly competitive San Diego rental market. Give us a call and let us show you how... We can... Sustainably keep you “Ahead” of the rest… While we show you “How” for less!!!