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Premier Property Management & Home Energy Efficiency 

At SRE Management, we perceive ourselves to be Investment Managers equally as Property Managers, we recognize the success of our business rest on the positive financial returns of the properties we manage and we strive to Maximize Your monthly Lease Income each and every time. To achieve this Goal while providing a Premier level of Management  Service, we specialize in Home Efficiency, and  provide our clients with a (Free of Charge/Complementary) Home Efficiency  Survey and Upgrades, aimed at “Truly” increasing a  rental property’s overall  value! In addition, we help to provide a significant Savings for both the Owners & Tenants of a property, thus escalating consumer appeal of the rental home!  Contingent to the specific needs of each property that we manage, our Service Fees (Competitively assessed & very Reasonable) typically ranges from 6% -12% of the monthly rent.  When it comes to Service, Value, and Offerings, No other competitor come’s close to what we provide our valued clients in this present day!


Reduce Operating Expenses/Increase Investment IncomeUtilty Savings_mini

SRE Management has invested a tremendous amount of Time, Money, and Effort towards developing our efficiency management approach. Our unique “SRE Efficient Home” is an extremely affordable method specifically geared for Investment property owners (just like You), in order to help you Save Water and Energy by centering on the existing fixtures and appliances already found at home. Our revolutionary management approach targets the primary culprits of Water & Energy waste found in your rental home Easily and Inexpensively, therefore we can potentially Reduce Utility expenses between 10-40% percent!  These savings will help to increase your net income and decrease your operational expenses. In addition, help to improve your tenant’s affordability index, which will help to ensure the probability of you being paid rent on time.


Superior Marketing & Advertisingadvertising_mini

At SRE Management… we consider ourselves to be your “Sales Force” as well as your Investment manager, and our goal is to always make sure we stand above the rest! Premier property management involves much more than simply managing a property, assets, and tenants, it also has to efficiently Save You Money and Attain the utmost percentage of Income Return possible. To achieve this objective, we provide our clients with a Superior Marketing Strategy along with our dedicated sales team approach. We employ seasoned professionals with sales experience who understand how to effectively market a real estate investment. We also utilize a highly sophisticated advertising platform which enables us to quickly advertise your lease on over 30 of the most popular and widely used rental search media outlets today.  We understand just what it takes to effectively market your Investment property, and how to quickly find “quality tenants” fast!


Affordable, Reliable Maintenance247 maintenace_mini

When it comes to the financial returns of a rental property, constant maintenance and overpriced repairs can maximize your operational expenses and minimize your net Income in no time. At SRE Management, our management approach focuses on driving efficiency directly related to your investment property, we provide you with (FREE) Efficiency Upgrades which can help reduce your monthly maintenance and landscaping expenses to a Minimum! Our long standing relationships with reliable contractors, (who provide fair and honest work bids) also provide our clients the opportunity to have substantial cost savings on both maintenance & repair related expenses. We Never “Up-Sell” on any work related material or labor cost, the savings provided to SRE Management through our well established relationships are directly passed down  to our property owners and tenants. For an even Faster, more convenient, Service Request, tenants have the option to Submit a Maintenance Request On-Line, immediately notifying one of our team members who will dispatch the appropriate contractor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Accountable Asset Managementdentaku

SRE Management utilizes one of the most precise, well organized, and transparent accounting systems available today. Our state of the art software also enables us to Respond Faster, and provides a Superior Financial Management Service for both Owners and Tenants.  Property Owner Statements are accessible in an Easy to Read format as well as view-able on our website (via client Log-in) 24/7. In addition, we also deliver monthly property reports and updates to your email inbox. These reports and updates provide you with a quick snapshot of your property’s financial history for the previous month. We also include Cash Flow Reports and Work Order Invoices that provide you with real time updates of any work being performed on your property. By the year’s end, we will provide you with an annualized financial report of your property to use in preparation for your income taxes. In addition, we never charge any hidden fees for any of the financial services in which we provide, and for your “Added Financial Security”, we utilize trust banking accounts for all monies received and disbursed.


Fill Vacancies Better & FasterNew property owners


We never discriminate against anyone when we perform our detailed background, reference, and Income verification checks. Yet, we’ve also come to realize that finding a “good” and reliable tenant can take much more than just a thorough background check. Recent studies have shown (Home Energy and Mortgage Risk.. Study) that consumers who value energy efficiency at home also show improved budgeting and timely payments of their bills. Why is that important to us?  Because, we hope that you get a tenant for your property who understands the value of wise budgeting, which will increase the probability of  your monthly lease payments being paid on time. Our Home Efficiency Upgrade’s will enable us to market and advertise your rental property to those very same consumers who have shown wise budgeting in regards to their finances. It is our proven strong belief and theory that if you Upgrade the Efficiency of your Rental Property … “They Will Come”!


Sustainable Tenant OccupancyTenancy agreement

Our revolutionary new management approach was developed in order to help us attract responsible tenants to your property. Our Approach helps provide “those great tenants” with improved Utility Savings and Greater Satisfaction overall, resulting in a Sustained (long term) Occupancy of your rental property.  Our past history with our existing client base of properties has been able to prove that once a tenant moves into one of our “SRE Managed” properties and experiences our premier management, improved efficiency and utility savings, they are less liable to vacate the property and lose out on all the utility savings provided to them via the new and improved efficiency within your rental property. By staying “Ahead of the Curve” and improving the overall Efficiency of your rental property, we are able to offer the residential market a Superior Efficient Property that will help Everyone Save and Earn More, all the while keeping You Ahead of All the Competition, and at no additional cost to you!


Legally Supported & Informedhands of three people, signing documents

Today, consumers in the California rental housing market have a countless amount of tenant rights, laws, and regulations that have been put in place to protect them. As an Investment Property owner left with so much to understand, keep up with, and interpret correctly, along with the constant threat of misinterpreting a new law or amended legislation, the truth of the matter is If you don’t have a dedicated team of  legal support to depend on,  you are putting yourself and your Investment in grave legal risk!!  Property management can and will become a legal nightmare if not managed with the right experience and understanding in tow.  That is why we have a responsive team of licensed real estate attorneys to help, advise, and ensure that all of our actions, measures and contracts are suitable for each individual circumstance. Our legal experts help to keep us up to date on any relevant or amended legislation, they help you prepare for legal action if necessary, they help you to stay legally informed, and they help to insure that proper legal compliance is followed.


Modern Advantages of TechnologyTechnology in the hands

Modern Technology enables us to Market, Manage, Repair, and provide Premier Management Service’s which are Superior, and with greater Efficiency than Ever before!! In today’s digitalized age, why do business the old-fashioned way? At SRE Management, we stay ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge of not only Market Trends, but with the latest Technology Trends as well.  This enables us to do a Superior job at Managing and Marketing your property! The technology we utilize helps us to Fill Vacancies Faster through our web marketing integration, and “Eye Catching” property advertisements. Prospective tenants can fill out an On-line application giving us the competitive and expeditious edge. Background checks can be performed at the click of a click of a button, providing us with results within seconds rather than hours. Tenants can also pay rent (via debit or checking account) and submit maintenance requests On-line! Our Easy to Read accounting system enables owners to easily track their operating expenses with monthly Owner Statements that are emailed, and accessible On-line 24/7. Property owners are also able to sign up for and receive (ACH) Electronic Payments, which are directly deposited into one’s bank account, and enables our clients to receive their lease Income Much Faster than ever before!


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